Figure 1: A-G: TNFα, IL-6 LPL, HSL, FASN, adiponectin and PPARγ mRNA levels in adipose tissue after LPS administration.
a. Fold changes (mean and 95% confidenceintervals) from baseline in mRNA gene expression of TNFα
b. IL-6, C) LPL, D) HSL, E) FASN, F) Adiponectin, G) PPARγ
in abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue biopsies obtained immediately before, 2; 4; 6 and 8 hours following LPS administration (0.3 ng/kg) in 12 volunteers with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) (filled squares) and 12 controls (open circles). A two-way ANOVA was used to assess the main effect of time, group and their interaction (Time*Group). If a significant effect of time was found, a post-hoc t test was applied whereby * indicates P <0.05 in controls and ¤ indicates P<0.05 in patient with T2DM when comparing each time point after LPS with baseline.