Figure 2: Glycemic parameters. (A) Fasting plasma glucose (mean, SEM) in the 4 study groups over the course of the 4-week treatment period and the 4-week follow-up period; yellow = placebo (N=31), orange = 5 mg CCX140-B (N=63), maroon = 10 mg CCX140-B (N=31), and green = pioglitazone 30 mg (N=31); (B) Least-squares mean (SEM) change from baseline to Day 29 (Week 4) in HbA1c in the 4 study groups. The least-squares mean change from baseline in HbA1c was -0.09%, -0.09%, -0.23%, and -0.13% in the placebo, CCX140-B 5mg, CCX140-B 10mg groups, and pioglitazone group, respectively. The 10mg CCX140-B group decrease was statistically significantly different compared to the placebo group; p=0.045, Wilcoxon Rank Sum test. The changes in the CCX140-B 5mg and pioglitazone groups were not statistically different compared to placebo.