Figure 5: Histology of rat liver sections. Liver sections were fixed in formalin, embedded in paraffin, sectioned, and stained with hemolysin-eosin which are shown. The slides are labeled as follows for treatment: A-D, saline-treated rats; E-H, TIMP-3 treated rats. After treatment, all rats underwent 30 minutes of ischemia with various reperfusion duration: A and E, 6 hours reperfusion; B and F, 24 hours reperfusion; C and G, 48 hours reperfusion; D and H, 7 days reperfusion. Abbreviations: CV, central vein; HPV, hepatic portal vein; Si, sinusoids; and H, hemorrhaging. The arrow in panel B points to aberrant red blood cells in the plates of hepatocytes, and arrows in panel D point to examples of increasing sinusoidal space occurring in