BBMRI-IT is a research infrastructure Involving biobanks and biological resource centers located Throughout Italy. The Italian node BBMRI-IT includes 18 universities, 23 IRCCS, 40 hospitals, many associations of patients and about 80 Bioresources among biobanks, collections and biological resource centers. The main objectives of the node BBMRI-IT are: coordinating the activities of biobanks in order to Promote Their efficiency and interoperability; providing new services; improving access for users of the public and private sectors; contributing to the pan-European research infrastructure BBMRI-ERIC activities. In Particular, the activities of BBMRI-IT are Aimed at Harmonizing the standard operating procedures (SOPs) of biobanks, Implementing the quality management system and encouraging public / private partnerships, with the ultimate aim to foster biobanks' economic sustainability.