Bentham Science


Bentham Science Publishers is an international STM publisher answering the information needs of the pharmaceutical and biomedical research journal. We are publishers of many high impact factor journals and books; leading titles include Current Pharmaceutical Design (Impact Factor 3.87), Current Medicinal Chemistry (Impact Factor 4.859), Current Drug Metabolism (Impact Factor 5.113), Current Molecular Medicine (Impact Factor 4.476) and Current Cancer Drug Targets (Impact Factor 4.327).
OMICS Group is acknowledged for its superiority eminence in open access publishing world for having 20,000 Editorial board members, 300 Open Access Journals and conducting 100 conferences per year, along with 21 days rapid review process with valuable 2 Million readers. In this way OMICS is engraving the marks of success in open access publishing & also in organizing scientific events. Following the heels of success of previous meetings OMICS Group is conducting conferences by organizing scientific meetings all over the world and marking its place much high in the scientific world. OMICS Group conferences play a key role not only in shaping the research steps and proceeding toward the success, but also paves the opportunity to discuss with the eminence personalities all over the world and amplify the probability of success. Scientific Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops organized by OMICS Group not only help in enhancing the knowledge but also give a new point of view, which can bring solutions to old problems and avoid the future mess up. OMICS Group meetings are providing these valuable opportunities across the disciplines of science and technology where inbuilt credit of individuals is towed for the betterment of the society.

Pharma Conferences drive in a new wave of information from different scientific disciplines to discover, design, and delivery new drugs and therapies. Various Pharma Conferences are held at different countries like UAE, USA, Spain and UK. Regulatory Affairs 2015 is a conference which will gather relevant scientists under the same roof to share and enhance their research ideas and also to motivate research scholars by communicating with other researchers.