ISEKI-Food Association

Vienna, Austria


OMICS Group International is the publisher of open access scientific journals and also organizes scientific event for scientists to converge on a common platform. This Group publishes around 350 Open Access Journals and operates over 150 Scientific Conferences all over the globe annually with the support from various scientific associations and 30,000 editorial board members. The organization has been serving the scientific community and grown with the passion to disseminate scientific knowledge across the globe.
IFA is an independent European non-profit organization, established in 2005 by university institutions, research institutes, companies and associations related to food, coming from all over the world. The IFA mission is to support: Lifelong learning in the food sector, encompassing both academia & industry Teachers and Trainers to improve efficacy of teaching Students to gain knowledge more easily Industry staff/ Food professionals to make use of research results Researchers to extend collaboration in order to assure the best possible competences for all working in the food sector; and thus contributing to serving the consumer with safe and good food.
OMICS Group conferences are designed to bring together laureates, scientific researchers and professionals to discuss the development and progress of research in the area related to that particular event. OMICS is always stands to bring the spotlights of achievements which have a great imprint in the related arena.