Mantua - Italy


FDE Institute of Mantua is a corporate company working in the field of Advanced Training, Scientific Research and Integrated Consultation, recognized by Region Lombardy
FDE Institute is an affirmed center that counts more than 8 international scientific collaborations and20 national partners in the field of criminological, juridical, social and management sciences.
The Institute is composed several scientific sections (departments), which are managed by the Coordination Committee. It acts as a “facilitator” of the decision processes and it helps Direction on strategic planning.
The various sections share the same logistic and organizational structure, even if they are diversified by studies, professionals engaged and targets ranged.
Activities developed by FDE Institute feature through a high scientific level and a connection with academic and scientific world.
The primary objectives of our Institute are “cultural promotion” and “stimulation of scientific debate” through elevation of knowledge of general population and connection between scientific knowledge and professionals.
For this purpose, we support and develop several training and research projects – also in partnership with non-profit organizations – among which stand out the Advanced High School of Criminological Sciences – CRINVE and the Master in Health Management – MASA.

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