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Vaccinogen Inc. is a biotechnology company with more than 3 decades of research into combating cancer by using the body’s own immune system. One of its major products include OncoVAX®, an immunotherapy for Stage II colon cancer. The ancients used the Ouroboros, the image of the snake consuming its own tail, to symbolize immortality and perfection. At Vaccinogen, we chose it as part of our logo because our approach to preventing the return of cancer – and extending the lives of the thousands of patients we expect to use OncoVAX® – may be almost perfect. Like the snake consuming itself, our approach involves using the patient’s own cancer cells to prevent the disease from recurring. A key characteristic of cancer is that, because it is a mutation of the body’s cells, it does not trigger the natural resistance that humans have to other diseases. Our OncoVAX® vaccine, the only product of its kind, actually conditions the body to fight its own cancer. As a result, our approach has none of the pain, disfigurement and side effects associated with other methods. Although we are dedicated to preventing the return of cancer in many forms, OncoVAX® targets colon cancer, one of the most common forms of cancer related deaths. This vaccine has demonstrated its effectiveness and safety in early trials. Vaccinogen, already have the manufacturing capability to produce OncoVAX® for our pivotal Phase IIIb trial as well as a strong novel patent portfolio to protect it and our other platforms. We have developed other programs in both active specific immunotherapy (vaccines) and passive specific immunotherapy (fully human monoclonal antibodies). Vaccinogen also focused on discovering, developing and manufacturing fully human monoclonal antibodies for human clinical use. Its HumaSPECT antibody was one of the first to be widely approved for any clinical use worldwide. We are developing other products based on pioneering work in colon carcinoma, renal carcinoma and melanoma. Vaccinogen Inc. supporting the upcoming 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Clinical & Cellular Immunology (Immunology Summit-2014) as a conference. This esteemed conference is currently organizing by OMICS Group Inc. OMICS Group International is a pioneer and leading scientific event organizer, and publisher of 350 Open access journals and organizing over 150 Scientific Meetings across the World annually with the support of more than 150 scientific associations, 30,000 editorial board members, and 3.5 million followers to its credit. Raising its curtains in the year 2007, OMICS Group International aims to disseminate knowledge with the help of its Open access Journals and marches on to instigate OMICS Group International Conferences in the year 2010, to provide a meaningful platform for the world renowned scientists, researchers, students, academicians, institutions, entrepreneurs and industries through its scientific events annually throughout the globe.