Nermin Kamal

Nermin Kamal

Alexandria Oral Implantology Association

Title: A combined surgical appproach for atrophic ridge augmentation and implant site preparation


Nermin Kamal, (BDS) and Masters of Restorative dentistry (MSc); Cairo University, Egypt. Worked as a clinical tutor and course instructor in 6th October university; Egypt for two years. Then moved to Misr University for Science and Technology; Egypt for another year. Moved to Dubai; UAE to work in private sector and then Sharjah University; with the start of the implantology journey to become a member and a fellow of the AOIA (Alexandria Oral Implantology Association). Then a member, fellow and Diplomate of the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantolgists).A clinical instructor and in the scientific committee of the AOIA-SHARJAH implantology yearly course. A board member and the head of scientific committee of the Dubai Implantarium Congress. Lectured for the Ethics program and participating as a clinical supervisor in the IDSC (Implant Dentistry Study Consortium) in Dubai.


Narrow alveolar ridges remain a serious challenge for the successful endosseous implant placement. Among alveolar ridge augmentation techniques, the ridge-split procedure demonstrates many benefits, including no need for a second (donor) surgical site, uncommon risk of inferior alveolar nerve injury, and less pain and swelling, and others. Lateral bone augmentation through the ridge-split works best in a localized lateral bony defect intended for placing 1 or 2 implants and where the ridge is vertically intact. A combined surgical approach of mandiblar atrophic ridge utilizing one posterior vertical cut splitting; using rotary burs; and chisel, for the augmentation with allograft bone material; together with implant site expansion to accommodate a 4mm dental implant. An increase of 4 times of the original size of the bone has been achieved using this technique.