Kristen Harper

Perfect Health Consulting Services, USA

Title: Addiction: A spiritual wake-up call


Kristen Harper is a Nutritional Balancing and Lifestyle Coach and is the owner of Perfect Health Consulting Services, LLC. She has a Nutritional Balancing Science Diploma, a Master’s Degree in Administration with an emphasis in Health Promotion, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a certifi cate in Entrepreneurship. She currently resides in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Perfect Health Consulting Services provides hair analysis interpretation and nutritional balancing programs designed to balance body chemistry by balancing the minerals in the cells of the body.


Causes of addiction can be broken down into two categories: biochemistry and/or lack of spiritual enlightenment. What is superb about nutritional balancing programs are they address both biochemical and spiritual aspects of health. It is recommended that anyone who is suff ering an addiction to unhealthy food, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and more, start a nutritional balancing program fi rst to address any biochemical imbalances such as a mineral defi ciency/excess or toxic metal excess and more in the body that could be causing your cravings. Nutritional balancing can help those suff ering with addictions by improving the body’s vitality, balancing the oxidation rate, supporting the adrenal glands, restoring nutrient minerals, and reduce toxic metals, chemicals, and infections from the body. If you have been on a nutritional balancing program for some time addressing diet, water, nutritional supplements, lifestyle, and detoxifi cation and feel it has not helped you with your cravings, then we move on to the second cause of addiction which is “lack of spiritual enlightenment.” Th is was the cause of Kristen Harper’s past eating disorder which lasted nine years. Kristen’s defi nition of lack of spiritual enlightenment is to not be free of the mind. If one is suff ering an addiction due to the mind causing cravings, meditation is recommended. Kristen is passionate about helping others with an addiction since she suff ered one for nine years and overcame it through meditation. Th e presentation will be broken down into three parts: 1. What is Hair Analysis Interpretation and Nutritional Balancing ? 2. How Nutritional Balancing is completely diff erent from drug medicine and other healing arts. 3. How Nutritional Balancing Science can heal addictions at very deep levels.

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