Vinod Kumar Goyal

Vinod Kumar Goyal

Indian Psychiatry Society, India

Title: Addiction treatment with antidepressant medication & insight oriented psychotherapy & nutritional supplement specific group


Vinod Kumar Goyal is a neuropsychiatrist with post graduate in psychiatry & special interest in Treatment of Alcohol & Drug De Addiction with the addition of above for 25 years in India. He is member of life member of Indian psychiatry society, & member of American psychiatry association & American neuropsychiatric association. He has done research on various topics related to psychiatry neuropsychiatry & neurology. His aim is Increase cheers & decrease Tears.


Addiction is a world wide common problem which consumes highest revenue of any nation with still no treatment response which eliminates completely. Observation: Every addiction has some past painful event-which results in underlying depression, anxiety or faulty cognitive formation or faulty belief formation. Can we think of adding antidepressant medication aft er depression scale assesment. Every addict is more worried about his addiction than the normal dietary requirement intake normally required by the body metabolism.Can we think of adding suitable supplement? Method: A controlled study of 50 alcohol addict was undertaken with addition of placebo & no psychotherapy & placebo nutritional supplement. Another group of 50 were treated with antidepressant medication (Tianeptine) with insight oriented psychotherapy along with specifi c group of nutritional supplement. Result: Scores were judged on the self rating scale as well as clinician rating scale on sing & symptom along with other parameters with follow up upto 6 months. Conclusion: Addition of antidepressant along with insight oriented psychotherapy with nutritional supplement specifi c addition showed remarkable results in Blackout 90 % reduction, ascites (90 % reduction) drastic reduction in consumtion of alcohol 100 % &motivation of others for the same 100%.

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