Marco Piras

Marco Piras

Policlinico Città di Quartu

Title: Aesthetic and function In ortohognathic surgery


Dr. Marco Piras attended the University of Cagliari becoming a Dentist in 1973, and the University of Naples until 1983 when he got the Degree of specialization in Maxillofacial surgery. He also completed two master degrees, one in Cosmetic Morphodynamic Surgery at the University of Milan, and the other in Temporomandibular Joint Surgery at the University of Rome La Sapienza. He is the director of the Maxillofacial surgery unit at the Città di Quartu Medical Center, in Sardinia, and chief of the scientific board of ABADO.


While orthognathic surgery provides a significant improvement in ccc dento facial and air way function, proper preoperative planning can significantly enhance facial harmony and balance as well. The more commonly aesthetic surgical procedures to improve the final outcome of orthognathic surgery can be perfomed simultaneously with orthognatic surgey or in a different time. The combination of soft tissue procedures to enhance the final aesthetic result of orthognathic surgery is a valuable addition to the orthodonthic and orthognathic treatment plan.While the bone surgery techniques are popular and well known, The aesthethic procedures, more often adopted, are , as we show, chin surgery-that influence the facial height, the facial centre-lines and the appearance of the nose; liposuction and liposculture – to treat a “doble chin”, to define a better jaw-line, to fill some empty important aesthethic zones of the face (zigomatic region, lips, naso-labial lines etc.). Rinoplasty as well is often performed. We need to remind how the new digital 3D XR techniques improved the global planning of the treatment.