Asis Kumar Senapati

Asis Kumar Senapati

University of Hyderabad, India

Title: Agricultural growth performance and fluctuations in crop output of selected crops in Odisha: A disaggregate analysis


Asis Kumar Senapati is a UGC-SRF Doctoral Research fellow Currently Pursuing PhD on “Risk, Vulnerability in Indian Agriculture Sector and the role of crop insurance in mitigating risk: with special reference to Odisha agriculture” in School of Economics, University of Hyderabad since February, 2010. He has attended and presented research papers at a number of international and national conferences. He has published papers in various journals. His research area of interest is Industrial Economics, Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, Econometrics and Macro Economics.


Sustained growth in agricultural production and productivity through adoption of new technology in form of “Green Revolution” has been the doctor order so as to improve the overall stability of the Odisha economy. The nature of technology that became available to the various states and regions have reinforced huge variations and hence followed an uneven path and wide gaps have developed in productivity between different geographic locations across the country. In the context of variability of agricultural production due to certain weather induced variables, the proposed study made an attempt to examine the growth, instability and Sensitivity of crop output to weather particularly rainfall of major crops both at the aggregate and disaggregate level of Odisha. The present study is based on the hypothesis that instability/Variability of various crops augmented during Post-Green Revolution phase in Odisha and there has been negative association between instability and growth of crop production. Sensitivity of crop output to the rainfall variability has been noticeable in almost all crops in the 2nd period as compared to the initial phase of green revolution for all districts except for few crops. In other words, crop output in various districts of Odisha is highly vulnerable to the climate variability.
Keywords: Agriculture Growth, Production Variability, Weather Uncertainty.