Fu-lun Li

Fu-lun Li

Shanghai University of TCM, China

Title: Alternative therapies for chronic and refractory skin ulcer - clinical managements and experience by traditional chinese medicine


Fu-lun Li obtained his medical degree from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004. He is specialized in dermatology and pharmacology of TCM. His research is focused on the mechanism of psoriasis, skin ulcer, wound healing and autoimmune disorders. He has been a post doctor at Colorado University for 3 years and currently is an associate chief physician of Yueyang Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of TCM. He has published 9 papers in reputed journals including Nature medicine, American Journal of Pathology.


Chronic skin ulcer (CSU), including diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, radiation ulcers, and pressure ulcers, remains a great challenge in the clinic. It seriously affects Patients quality of life and requires long-term dedicated care, causing immense socioeconomic costs. CSU causes the loss of the integrity of large portions of the skin, even leading to morbidity and mortality. Chinese doctors have used traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for the treatment of CSU for many years and have accumulated much experience in clinical practice by combining systemic regulation and tropical treatment of CSU. Here, we discuss the classification and pathogenic process of CSU and strategies of TCM for the intervention of CSU, according to the theories of TCM. We also present several clinical cases showing effectiveness of Traditional Chinese herbs in the management of CSU. Finally, we summarie the potential intervenient strategies named as "qing-hua-bu" protocol with dynamic and combinational TCM therapies for different syndromes of CSU.

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