Phineas K Chauke

University of Venda, South Africa

Title: An assessment of survivalist enterprises: A case study of the Capricorn district municipality, South Africa


Phineas K Chauke completed his Phd in Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, University of Venda, South Africa.


This study was prompted by conflicting views held by various scholars regarding public sector intervention into trading activities of survivalists. It was conducted in the Capricorn Distinct Municipality (CDM) of Limpopo Province in South Africa. The study focussed on contested variables such as biographic characteristics but went further to include traded items and trading localities. All the 566 survivalists in the records of the CDM were consulted for the survey. Data were collected through questionnaires and analysed through the SPSS programme. The findings of the study were that most survivalists had acquired secondary education and above and were dominated by women with substantial youth participation. It recommended for concerted training in general, technical and financial management skills. Training programmes needed to employ differentiated strategies for urban and rural based areas and special programmes needed to be directed at youth development. Slack periods of trading should be targeted for training.
Keywords: survivalist, biographic characteristics, second economy, fungibility, enterprise.