Alfonsas Juska

Alfonsas Juska

Vilniaus universitetas

Title: Analysis of biological processes: Verbal description, schemes, and mathematical models


Alfonsas Juska has maintained his thesis in Biophysics and Biological and Medicinal Cybernetics at the V. Gluškov Institute of Cybernetics (Kiev, Ukraine) in 1984. He is writing a book on analysis of biological processes (verbal description, schemes, and mathematical models) to be published by Springer.


To deal adequately with complex phenomena they have to be understood properly. And to be analyzed for better understanding. The complexity of bioprocesses is inevitable because of enormous complexity of the environment and that of the systems themselves. That means the need to analyze the process of change. Presumably, a process is adequately understood if its progress can be presented as a sequence of elementary events, the rate of each of them being known. Bioprocesses are assumed to obey physical laws. A process is unambiguously determined whenever its differential equation is known and the initial conditions are specified. The equation can be solved using corresponding software. A process might be as well described verbally resulting in its verbal model. When such a description becomes too cumbersome, errors are unavoidable. Schematic presentation of the model makes it more transparent. On the other hand, such a scheme can be “translated” immediately into differential equation(s). Keeping in mind the limited accuracy of experimental data, they can be usefully approximated with simpler models. Complex processes sometimes may be divided into separate trains progressing on different time scales, those trains being considered independent. Examples: adaptation to new medium and growth of microorganisms; association of substrate with enzyme and enzymatic converting of the former into product. Thorough design of the experiments, analysis, modeling, model fitting, verification (model comparison with experimental data), therefore, are necessary steps. The latter is performed automatically.