Sunil Kumar Dubey

Sunil Kumar Dubey

Birla Institute of Technology & science Pilani, India

Title: Analytical and statistical tools for bioavailability & bioequivalence studies


Sunil Kumar Dubey has been working in the area of clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics of racemic drugs (especially focused on CNS drug candidates) and also on designing nanocarriers like polymeric nanoparticles, micelles and polymersomes, etc. for effective drug delivery. He also has expertise in the field pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters modeling and simulation. He has been working in the thrust areas of CNS. His commitment to work and capability to successfully completing independent projects is reflected from his projects taken and international peer-reviewed publications.


Analytical and boanalytical techniques play a very important role in drug discovery. The analytical and bioanalytical techniques are the important tools for identification and characterization of the newly discovered drug molecules. Statistical tools employed for assessing bioequivalence are critical in getting drug approvals during ANDA filings. Hence, this workshop will provide insights into following areas:

• Novel Approaches to Analytical and Bioanalytical Methods

• Analytical & Bioanalytical Method Development and Validation

• Applications of Analytical and Bioanalytical Methods

• LCMS/MS of Small Organic Molecules.

• Statistical tools for assessing Bioequivalence