Ibukun Joyce Memudu

Ibukun Joyce Memudu

University of Ilorin, Nigeria

Title: Assessment of optimality and determinants of Bambara nut production in Kwara state, Nigeria


Ibukun Joyce Memudu is a PhD student in her second year at University of Ilorin located in the city of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. She is studying Agricultural Economics. She is 29years old. She currently works as a Community Facilitator in the World Bank sponsored FADAMA III project in Kogi state, Nigeria. She has published papers in reputed journals.


Bambara nut (Vigna subterranea) is a major crop that has dietary and socioeconomic importance among rural households in Kwara State. In spite of its nutritional benefits, the level of production depicted by the level of availability of the commodity is still very low. This study is therefore designed to examine the determinants of bambara nut production in Kwara State and determine the optimal resource allocation in bambara nuts –based cropping system. A four-stage sampling was used to select 120 households for the study. The tools of analysis used for the study comprised the Ordinary Least Square Regression analysis and Goal Programming model. The study showed that land and labour have positive and significant relationship (p<0.05) with bambara nut production. It also revealed that mixed cropping system is optimum for bambara production. The study therefore recommended the need for improved use of land management practices; use of labour saving devices including agricultural mechanization and adoption of optimal production systems among bambara nut farmers.
Keywords: Bambara nuts, linear programming.