Lauren Boardman

Lauren Boardman

College of Coastal Georgia, USA

Title: Building Resilience in Nursing Students: Implementing Techniques to Foster Succes


Lauren Boardman has completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Duquesne University. She holds a tenure track position as an Assistant Professor of Nursing at the College of Coastal Georgia. Her specialty areas include critical care nursing, nursing psychology and simulation. He is in the process of submitting 3 manuscripts for publication.


A common challenge educator’s face understands the dynamics involved in student success. Educators are finding themselves at an impasse with student failures and success in terms of program and school-wide attrition. Nursing students have additional stressors due to the rigor of their programs. Cultural adaptation, culture shock, clinical requirements and standardized testing ultimately impact program completion. Resilience is a key tool for success with any venture in a person’s life. Building resiliency in nursing students will pay off not only in program completion but as students enter practice. Educating students regarding the concepts of self-efficacy and self-regulation and having them complete exercises using these techniques can pave the way to student success.