Gustavo Zaldana Melendez

Independant Researcher, El Salvador

Title: Clinical epidemiological characterization in the cases of dengue of amatepec hospital on minor less than 10 years old from jan-oct 2011


The effort of these studio has been focused on the reviewing of cases that fulfill the parameters diagnosed as cases of Classic or Hemorrhagic Dengue, being the main objectives: a) To describe cases confirmed in time, place and person, b) To identify a clinical profile and of laboratory of positive cases of Dengue and c) To identify if the test was taken in his due time. An investigation realized type descriptive and prospective of patients' cases of 10-year-old minor from the population of Soyapango's Municipality, who comes to Pediatric Emergency in Hospital Amatepec. 28 cases were reviewed from January to October, 2011. The criteria of incorporation were: a) Any case confirmed of Dengue, b) Symptoms of the disease to the physical examination, c) Laboratory tests that presented linfocitosis and trombocitopenia, inclusive both in some cases; d) IgM's capture realized from 6 ° day later to the beginning of symptoms and e) 10-year-old minor who were residing specifically in Soyapango. The instruments were: book of record of cases of Dengue and clinical files. For the processing and analysis of the information a database Excel, doing an analysis univarial using the percentage. Epidemiological findings were: a) Male sex represented 60.7% and female sex represented 39 %; b) Predominant age in the affected patients was 5 to 9 years in 53.5 %; c) Representative quantity of cases were coming from bordering communities to the Hospital in 32.14 %. Clinical findings and of laboratory were: a) All the cases presented fever process 100 %; followed by general discomfort (migraine, pain retroocular and osteomialgias) in 89.2 %; rash 32.14 %; vomits 25 % and abdominal pain 17.8 %. b) According to the age and laboratory range: Linfocitosis 53.5 %; Trombocitopenia 46.4 % and Neutrofilia 28.5% of the cases. c) Period of average to present the symptoms was 2 to 4 days in 85.7 % of the cases. d) In all the cases rewiewed during the study, the test (IgM) turn out to be positive due to the fact that was taken in the period that dictates the Norm of Dengue being this between 6 and 10 º day later to the beginning of symptoms.


Gustavo Adolfo Zaldaña Melendez has completed his Doctorate in Medicine at the age of 32 from University of El Salvador and postdoctoral studies from University Centroamerican Jose Simeon Cañas (UCA). He is Ex-chief Department of Epidemiology and Department of Hospital Statistic in Amatepec Hospital of Salvadorean Institute of Social Security. He has worked with Internal Medicine Department of Rosales National Hospital like University lecturer. His thesis about Hyperactivity in children has been recognized in 2007 by Commission National of Mental Health in El Salvador. He has ten years of experience working with Secretary of Public Health.

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