Aravind Babu Chilukuri

Aravind Babu Chilukuri

SSJ Engineering College, India

Title: Conservation and protection of basic elements of life


Aravind Babu Chilukuri is an MA(Eng), MPhil (PHD); MBA with 8 years in academics and 6 years in the industry along with teaching, training, counseling students, youths making them fully equipped in language skills, soft skills and behavioral skills to sustain them in any professional environment. He has worked as Assistant Professor in Business communication and Soft Skills and also worked as an executive in the US based company. He has given Presentations in the National and International Conferences in Management, English Language, literature, culture, Spiritual Science, environment and Soft Skills. His articles are published in the National and International Conference journals. Presently, he is writing a book on culture. His core competencies include Adaptability, Creativity, Sincerity, Lateral Thinking, Presentation and Organizational Building.


A society's cultural and spiritual foundation of environmental responsibility for sustainable conservation and protection of basic elements of life in farming can be a solid source of strength as well as an advantage to the society. Currently, the pollution has been increasing rapidly-water, air, soil as it is affecting everyone. Unless drastic changes are made and implemented in action, the future of any nation will be in danger.
The ancient Indians valued rivers, trees and the ecology as a part of the divine. The worship of rivers, mountains, animals, trees, and the earth has been existed since times immemorial. The ancient Indian wisdom reminds that the Divinity is omnipresent and takes infinite forms and the universe encompasses basic elements of life; Air, water, Space, fire, and earth. Hence, the five elements are essential for all lives on earth to exist as they are the foundation of a unified web of life.
The early literature and scriptures say that it is one's responsibility to care for the earth. It also means that pollution must be controlled by making the person aware of its importance. There is something called space pollution. If there is a constant enmity and hatred in the space there will be a disturbance and similarly a positive space or sacred space can be built by some methods. The author, here, shares his personal experience on this idea.
Keywords: Environment, conservation, basic elements, responsibility.