Liljana Bozinovska

Liljana Bozinovska

South Carolina State University, USA

Title: Cortex hypothalamus controlled system: A closed loop control view


Liljana Bozinovska, M.D., PhD, is professor with the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences at South Carolina State University. Her research interest is neuroscience, engineered physiology, and electrophysiology.


Hypothalamus controls functions which are not under conscious control of a human subject. However hypothalamus is connected to the cortex with several circuits among them the reward circuit. The research question we try to find an answer is possibility of closed loop control that involves cortex hypothalamus controlled system pathways. Is achievement motivation such a driving force that utilizes the mentioned pathway. So we are focused on observing two observable controlled systems: sympathetic pathway of autonomic nervous system, and appetite control pathway. This paper presents some of our experimental as well as modeling results.