Kathy Sexton-Radek

Kathy Sexton-Radek

Elmhurst College, USA

Title: Current efforts to attenuate the number of lethal overdoses


Kathy Sexton-Radek has received her Doctorate of Philosophy degree from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1989 and interned at Rush Medical University in 1988-1989 in Sleep Medicine, Behavioral Medicine, Geriatric Psychology and Health Psychology rotations. Currently she is working as Professor in Elmhumst College Psychology Department since 1988. She received her board certifi cation in Behavioral Sleep Medicine. She completed a two year Post Doctorate program in Clinical Psychopharmacology which included a year long preceptor ship with psychiatry and pulmonary medicine rotation.


A review of the clinical and scientifi c literature on topics of substance dependence/use/abuse in terms of resulting overdoses was conducted. Th e fi ndings indicated several investigations have identifi ed predictors of overdose but prediction fi gures are small thus speculating the need for stronger predictors of overdose. Th e utility of current approaches involved detailed research approaches that were time consuming and yielded fi ndings that were descriptive and in some cases, validly descriptive, posthumously in some cases. New models following the prediction of multiple risk factors show great promise. Th is presentation will provide an overview of the literature review fi ndings and invite the consideration of more innovative means of investigation.

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