Mohamad Medawar

Mohamad Medawar

Beirut Arab University

Title: Dental quality management: an essential evolution of dental practice


Mohamad Medawar is an endodontist, graduate of Saint Joseph University Beirut. He has completed his MBA Healthcare Management from La Sagesse University Beirut. His clinical work is restricted to endodontics; he is a former staff member of the department of endodontics in the Beirut Arab University . He is a dental management consultant. His field of interest and research is dental quality management and dental system reform.


Dentistry in the 21th century has become more efficient due to the great scientific and technological advances; clinical standards and treatments are the subject of continuous improvement leading to the enhancement in patient care. The adoption of recognized quality tools from manufacturing, services and healthcare industries will lead to a raise and improvement in the standard of the quality of dental care. The quality techniques and control methods are used to reduce variability in products or services, the cause of most quality problems. Quality follows a systematic sequence to transform the clients’ (patients) needs into requirements aiming for their satisfaction. The presentation will provide dentists with a basic understanding of quality and its application in dentistry; the following will be discussed: 1. Definition, aim, goal, aspects, concept and dimensions of quality 2. Definition and concepts of Total Quality Management (TQM) 3. Quality measurement: a) Indicators b) Process analysis tools: Brainstorming, Flowchart, Fishbone c) Process analysis tools application in dentistry (examples)