Balajee Krishnamurthy

Balajee Krishnamurthy

European Society of Lingual Orthodontics

Title: Desert Orthodontics – Adults can do it too!



A major objection to braces or fixed appliances always has been their visible placement on the facial surface of the teeth. The introduction of bonding in 1970’s made it possible to place fixed attachments on the Lingual surface of the teeth. Recent progress in Europe & Asia has made Lingual orthodontics much more widely used there. Major advancements in technology and bracket design has made Lingual Orthodontics a reality with success rate equivalent to normal braces. More recently advances in Aligner mode of therapy has come off age. Though not all cases are suitable for this type of treatment. It is certainly a game changer in the Adult Orthodontics. The following will be reviewed in brief • A peek into the history of Lingual Orthodontics • Milestones in its development. • Treatment concepts. • Technological Advancements. • Treated cases. • The new Aligner option. • Historical perspective on Invisalign. • Treated cases.