Hongli Wang

Chinese Nursing Journals Publishing House Co. Ltd, China

Title: Development of Chinese nursing journals in the digital environment


Hongli Wang has completed master degree of news and communication from Peking University in 2009 and got bachelor from nursing school of medicine college of Peking University in 1991. She is the managing editor of Chinese Journal of Nursing and International Journal of Nursing Sciences. Both of the journals are sponsored by Chinese Nursing Association. Chinese Journal of Nursing is one of the best nursing journals in China with high IF.


In the digital environment, great changes have taken place in scholarly communication. Digital technology changed not only the form and content of journals, but also the operation mode, the scholarly publishing structure and publishing ideas. Digital environment has brought both opportunities and challenges to scholarly publishing and traditional print journals. There are no more than thirty nursing journals in China, and several of them are in English. There are differences among these journals on the level of digitization and network. The websites of the nursing periodicals in China divide into two sorts: using the cluster database platform, and independent registered website. In addition to online submission, review and revise, some journals can provide more online, or by wechat, such as advertising and information service. In the editing process, internet review and check of the review process with a mobile phone will be achieved by using new media resources. Information service, online education, knowledge of paper writing, e-mail bulletin, RSS subscription service, mobile phone short message service and wechat platform will play important roles. For distribution of periodicals,development and utilization of the conventional channels and network marketing should be combined. Conventional channels include subscription through post office, subscription from the editorial department. Flexible subscription through the network can provide to the user. And according to the requirements of the users sea, online journals or a single paper can be sent to users by e-mail or mobile phone text messages. In the digital environment, the nursing journals should not only meet the current service demand, keep focusing on the improvement of printed periodicals and development of network, but also look to the future, to make full use of new technologies and new media to meet the growing demands of readers and authors.