Ajay Kumar Mishra

Ajay Kumar Mishra

University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Title: Eco-friendly nano-materials for waste water treatment


Ajay Kumar Mishra has completed his Ph.D. at the age of 30 years from Delhi University and postdoctoral studies from University of the Free State, CSIR, and University of Johannesburg, South Africa. He is the Adjunct Professor at Jiangsu University, China. He has published more than 79 papers in reputed journals and serving as an editorial board member of repute. He has written several books and serving as editor of many journals.


During some past years, much attention was focused in the fabrication of various nanomaterials for the variety of environmental applications. However, there is little research study that has been carried out to apply the nanomaterials for waste water treatment. The nanomaterials can be designed and tailored for removal of contaminants from waste water. The type and nature of reinforcement of the nanomaterials plays a crucial role for the specific decontamination. The focus of the talk will be current and future scenario of the various nanomaterials which can be used as an application for the waste water treatment.