Inci Cınar

Inci Cınar

Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam University, Turkey

Title: Effect of hot air drying on bioactive compounds of fruits and vegetables


IncI CInar was born in Ankara and received her BSc in Food Science and Technology from Ankara University. After awarded a scholarship from Turkish Government to pursue graduate studies, she was graduated from Clemson University (MSc) and The University of Georgia (PhD) on the subjects of food engineering. As a faculty of Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam University, she is responsible from supervision of courses and projects on the areas of unit operations, heat and mass transfer, fruit and vegetable processing.



Preservation of foods is still one of the main targets of food processing industry. Hot air drying is a process where heat from drying air is transferred into a food being dried by the mechanism of simultaneous heat and mass transfer. Hot air drying is one of the most commonly used preservation techniques and, being a thermal process in nature, requires high energy consumption which in turn affects the food components. Bioactive compounds, by definition, are secondary plant metabolites having pharmacological and toxicological effects. Bioactive compounds, having extra-nutritional properties, exist in limited quantities in most fruits and vegetables and play essential roles in disease prevention and anti-aging. Recent studies are on the direction of determining role of bioactive compounds in health promoting processes and degenerative diseases. The aim of the study is to give detailed information on bioactive compounds in fruit and vegetables, health benefits, the effects of hot air drying on bioactive compounds and recent studies along with future trends in the subject area.