Emre Hastaoglu

Emre Hastaoglu

Cumhuriyet University

Title: Effects of nisin and natamycin on microbiological and physiochemical qualities of meatball supplied from yildizeli, sivas


He has completed his master from Hacettepe University and continues his phD studies at Hacettepe University, too. His partners, Meryem Goksel Sarac and Zehra Saba Keskin, are both phD students at Erciyes University and Cumhuriyet University. All members of the team are lecturers at Food Technology programme of Yildizeli Vocational School, Cumhuriyet University. This abstract was derived and financed from Scientific Research Project of Cumhuiyet University. The project’s coordinator is Fazil Yozgat, an associate professor at Cumhuriyet University.



Meat ball is known as the most sensitive food product towards microbiological spoilage because of its physical and chemical properties. Meat and meat products have the biggest ratio as 70% among foodborne diseases. Nisin and natamycin are natural compounds that intended of inhibition of microorganisms. Especially natamycin is patented antibiotics for promising to carcass decontamination and an alternative to chemicals like trisodium phosphate and chloride. Farming and meat industry are important daily breads for country public. In these sectors, neglecting of hygiene and standards were suspected and this was determined as research subject and detected. Samples that were included antimicrobials at different ratios, were analyzed in 0., 5., 10 and 15th days. Structural changes of samples were examined during storage period. In this project, meatball samples whose quality criteria were defined and which were supplied from Yildizeli the district of Sivas, were analyzed physicochemical and microbiologically after adding nisin and natamycin at different ratios. Both nisin and natamycin were added to meatball samples in concentration to 0 (control group), 2.5 and 5.0 g/kg. Moisture, ash, fat, pH, microbiological analyses and sensory properties of the all samples were evaluated.  While any physically or chemically differences were not identified between all samples, sensory property values of control group and nisin added group were the same. Study showed that the results were acceptable for the use of these antimicrobials in meatball and were increased the shelf life of meatballs.