Nevin Altintop

University of Vienna, Austria

Title: Elderly care for migrants: Between marginalisation and sensitive inclusion


Nevin Altintop has completed her studies in Nursing Science (Pflegewissenschaft) at the University of Vienna in 2010 where she holds a Magister title. She currently works on her PhD at the University of Vienna (Austria). Her research focuses on migrants and migration aspects in health care, geriatrics and palliative care. She regularly is invited to workshops and seminars on topics in health care and cultural sensitive elderly care.


The diversity and increasing number of elder migrants within the German and Austrian population is challenging the health care systems: How can they be included in an adequate (culturally sensitive) way? The ongoing academic discussions and the different approaches in practice to this question reveal how differently elder migrants and their needs are perceived within the German and Austrian society. In my talk I will introduce the different perceptions of a culturally sensitive elderly care upon the predominant paradigms that may vary locally – the intercultural opening in German cities and a diversity management approach in Vienna (Austria), and upon the estimations and assessments of the importance of a culturally sensitive elderly care, how they varied within the last decade and among different groups of people. In my analysis I will demonstrate how weak and vulnerable culturally sensitive – and, therefore, individual health care solutions are when they encounter economic decisions that are oriented on profit: a culturally specific or sensitive elderly care is regarded as market niche, elder migrants are the new clients within the elderly care sector who have to accept specific health care solutions. Finally, it can be shown, that the actual situation of a culturally sensitive health care in Germany and Austria takes a delicate balance between inclusion and marginalization of elder migrants.