Maria M Tsoukas

Maria M Tsoukas

University of Chicago, USA

Title: Field cancerization therapies: Valuable tools in medical and aesthetic dermatology


Maria M Tsoukas clinical and research interests are focused on skin cancer in healthy and immunosuppressed transplant patients surveillance therapy and prevention, skin photodynamic therapy, skin cancer genomics and virus HPV induced tumor development minimally invasive and latest laser technology in dermatologic care like facial rejuvenation, laser assisted hair removal, laser therapy for skin vascular malformations, aesthetic skin surgery for aging face hand and body: Botox latest filler products and techniques facial contouring sclerotherapy and procedural dermatology in medicine and cosmetic procedures like Laser Skin Surgery for scleroderma patients.


Several therapeutic modalities have been applied topically, for the treatment of actinic keratosis as well as superficial nonmelanoma skin cancers. This session will explore the indications and significance of these field modalities in topical "chemo-prevention", in elderly as well as high risk patients under chronic immunosuppression, with emphasis on skin photodynamic therapy. Algorithms for monitoring actinic keratosis and non-melanoma skin cancers are reviewed. The concept of applying sequential PDT, as well as PDT in combination with other topical field therapies is explored. Evidence supports that sequential PDT may impact actinic keratosis recurrence and consequently non-melanoma skin cancer incidence. Moreover, preliminary data indicates that combination of PTD with other established topical field therapies, may improve PDT efficacy in eradicating precancerous and malignant non-melanoma skin lesions, comparing to outcomes when each therapy has been used as single modality. The value of current field therapies as mono-therapies and in combination in medical and aesthetic dermatology is reviewed.

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