Sathya bama Saravanan

Sathya bama Saravanan

Thaimoogambigai dental college

Title: Fostering failed Implants


FDSRCS, Reader, Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Thaimoogambigai Dental College & Hospital, Dr. MGR University, Chennai, India.


Implants are the way forward in restoring inevitable dentition loss. The integration of the implant and its success lie in the local available factors such as the quality of bone, timing of loading the implant and the substandard supra structures along with a compromised patient condition. A replaced implant should be able to face the challenges of a healed bone site with an increase in its diameter and with improved surface treatment. The biomechanics and the load distribution with the centric occlussal table need to be widely analysed to improve the longevity of the implant. Once the planning of the implants has been done methodically with the patient’s medical history under control, the biomechanics restored then the maintenance becomes simple. The replacements of the failed implants need to consider improving the surface area with reinforced good quality of bone.