Masahiro Goto

Masahiro Goto

National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

Title: Generation of polymer nanowires by a pulsed laser irradiation


Masahiro Goto, Science Doctor (Ph.D.-Science), now is an MANA researcher of National Institute for Materials Science. Member of the Physical Society of Japan, the Chemical Society of Japan, the Japan Society of Applied Physics, the Japan Institute for Metals and Japanese Society of Tribologist. He got his Science Doctor's degree (Ph.D.) at Nagoya University, Japan. And Dr. Masahiro Goto also got the Young Scientist Oral Presentation Award of Japan Society of Applied Physics in 1998, the Kao Foundation for Arts and Sciences Award in 2004, and The 1st NIMS President's Research Encouragement Award in 2006. Currently Dr. Masahiro Gotos’ researches focus on the molecular manipulation and polymer nanowires performed by laser technology, low frictional coating of metal oxide, thermoelectric conversion thin films, and organic thin films photovoltaics.


Polymer nanowires have much attention for their excellent use in gas sensors, lasers, and organic field-effect transistors and so on. The production method of novel polymer nanowires is quite important for realizing future nanotechnology applications. Numerous methods of fabricating polymer nanowires have been developed, including wetting of porous alumina templates, electrospinning, and solution chemistry methods, so far. However in their case, it is difficult to synthesize the polymer nanowires with the diameter of several tens nm and to introduce some functional nanomaterials in the polymer nanowires. In this paper, we show the advanced fabrication method of the functional polemer nanowires by a pulsed laser irradiation and also discuss the generation mechanism.