Colleen Huber

Colleen Huber

Naturopathic Medical Doctors of Arizona, USA

Title: Glycemic restriction in cancer patients: A 7-year, controlled interventional study


Colleen Huber is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor in private practice in Tempe, Arizona. She is Co-Founder and Secretary of the American Naturopathic Research Institute/Naturopathic Oncology Research Institute (ANRI / NORI). She is a Fellow of the Naturopathic Oncology Research Institute. She is a credentialed physician at Plaza Healthcare in Scottsdale, AZ, a 179-bed in-patient, sub-acute facility, where she practices up to the full-scope of practice for naturopathic physicians licensed in Arizona. She graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe. Her academic writing has appeared in The L ancet and other medical journals.


Previous research has shown a correlation between blood glucose or glycemic load and cancer growth for a number of types of cancer. Th ose studies were retrospective and/or studies of fewer than 20 human subjects and/or studies on mice. In this controlled interventional study, we followed the diets and outcomes of all 317 cancer patients who came to our clinic with a diagnosis of cancer, and who stayed at least two weeks in our care. Th e patients were all treated naturopathically, with antineoplastic nutrients and herbs, plus the recommended dietary intervention of abstention from sweetened foods. We analyzed the clinical signifi cance (mortality) of sweetened food consumption among those cancer patients.Since 2006, this clinic has collected data on sugar consumption in cancer patients, and has actively recommended, but never enforced in any way, avoiding sweetened foods (except with the sweetener Stevia rebaudiana, which has no sugar content or sugar alcohol content. All results are reported in this paper.Comparing all patients who were steadfast in our recommended naturopathic treatments with the sweetened food eaters who were steadfast in all but dietary recommendations, 151 / 183 = 83% of all totally steadfast patients went into remission, but only 9 / 25 = 36% of the steadfast sweetened food eaters went into remission.Consuming sweetened foods (other than stevia sweetened foods) made a signifi cant diff erence in patient outcome across all stages and all types of cancer. We therefore recommend that the diet of cancer patients not contain sweetened foods other than stevia.