Melih Güneri

Melih Güneri

Tetra Pak Health and Safety Coordinator, Turkey

Title: Health and safety management system to prevent workplace accidents


Melih Güneri holds a BS in Environmental Engineering from Dokuz Eylul University. He is currently working at Tetra Pak as a Health and Safety Coordinator. Prior to Tetra Pak, he worked at Phillip Morris International (2009–2010) and Hayes Lemmerz International (2011–2013) as a Health and Safety & Environmental Protection Engineer.


Every year people die or become permanently disabled as a result of occupational accidents. In order to prevent these accidents, a health and safety management system must be established and utilized effectively at every work place. This abstract aims to explain how the system works and to articulate how each component is essential for the system to operate successfully. The system may be defined in four phases. Phase 1 - Policy Firstly, a health & safety policy is defined. System must happen and targets are defined with respect to the main health and safety policies. After defining the targets, a master plan that covers both the present and future roles can be generated. Phase 2 - Data Collection Data collection is one of the most important components of a health and safety management system. In order to assess the behavioral and conditional risks in a work environment, a thorough and accurate data set must be established and updated simultaneously. Phase 3 - Risk Assessment Risk assessment is the key component of the system. The result of the assessment should then be used to determine the steps that need to be taken to eliminate all the risk factors. Phase 4 - Audit & Revision System needs to be audited and based on the defined indicators, the results must be reviewed regularly and deviations must be reassessed individually. As a result of these assessments, sub-strategies may be defined to compensate instantaneous risk factors. The phases are going to be explained in details during the speech basing on the industrial experiences and applications. Moreover, applications in different sectors will be reviewed and compared for enlarging the point of view.

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