Maria Meimei Brevidelli

Maria Meimei Brevidelli

Paulista University School of Nursing, Brazil

Title: Health program easy breezy: Pilot study for an education-based approach to promoting health


Maria Meimei Brevidelli has completed his Ph.D. at the age of 39 years from São Paulo University, Brazil. She is a Professor of Postgraduate and Undergraduate Nursing School, and member of Research Group on Public Health of Paulista University. She has published about 15 papers in reputed journals.


The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Health Program Easy Breezy (HPEB), whose goal was to encourage the adoption of healthy habits, based on Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory. The pilot study used a pretest-posttest design and was developed with a population served in Nursing Clinics, at Paulista University in São Paulo, Brazil. The HPEB contained four appointments with a 15 days interval, to encourage the practice of regular physical activity, consumption of healthy foods and to develop self-efficacy to change behavior. We investigated the dietary pattern, physical activity level and degree of self-efficacy to change behavior. Out of 103 participants, only 39 underwent the four appointments. Thus, participants were divided into two groups: partial compliance and complete adhesion. Only in the latter, the efficacy of the program was evaluated. There was significant change in eating pattern of the participants who reported increased consumption of fruits and vegetables (p≤0.01), and decreased consumption of fried foods (p≤0.05) and soft drinks (p≤0.0001). The results revealed the importance of implementing health education programs that promote effective behavior changes, consistent with public health policies.