Rabbi Mark Borovitz

Rabbi Mark Borovitz

Beit T'Shuvah: The House of Return, USA,threatening disease,

Title: Helping recovering addicts find their way in the world


Rabbi Mark Borovitz’s tireless efforts have been the driving force behind the 25-year and growing movement that is Beit T’Shuvah. He is COO, Head Rabbi, Spiritual Leader at is Beit T’Shuvah to help the people for recovery & relapse prevention.


Incarcerated, alcoholic, con men don’t typically undergo a spiritual shift while sitting in a holding cell, and decide to change the trajectory of their life in an instant…, unless they are Rabbi Mark. Offi cially ordained ten years ago at the University of Judaism, with a Master’s in Rabbinic Literature, Rabbi Mark Borovitz combined his knowledge of Torah and street smarts to shape his calling: helping recovering addicts fi nd their way in the world. Spiritual Leader, Head Rabbi, COO, and overall anomaly, he is able to reach both the addict and the congregant, and de-stigmatize this life threatening disease. Rabbi Mark’s leadership is unparalleled. He is a life coach to community members, addicts, educators, dignitaries, and executives all seeking his wisdom-a blend of acute savvy and rabbinic teachings. When working with residents, he is living proof that change is possible; when speaking to the congregant, he stands for hope that every man has a higher purpose. In early 2004, Rabbi Mark was one of the seven people invited to a round table discussion with President George W. Bush about faith and recovery. Th e Rabbi was also mentioned in President Bush's speech before the fi rst conference on Faith-Based Initiatives. He has been the featured speaker at many seminars discussing spirituality and recovery, including CASA at Columbia University and Spirituality Day at Northwestern University. In 2011, Sheriff Leroy D. Baca of the Los Angeles County Sheriff ’s Department invited him to address inmates with insight into a better way of life. As the organization has grown, the Rabbi’s unique take on addiction treatment has solidifi ed him as an expert and forerunner in the fi eld; “Addiction is a hole in the soul. It is a spiritual malady that says there is something wrong. Recovery is about I Matter and I’m a Holy Soul.” He co-authored his biography, Th e Holy Th ief for which the rights were recently optioned by a major motion picture studio. Th e story of Rabbi Mark’s work is a featured chapter in the book, Stalking Elijah by Roger Kamenetz. Rabbi Mark has been featured in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Moment Magazine, Th e Jewish Journal, Th e Wall Street Journal and Israel’s largest newspaper, Haaretz Daily Newspaper.

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