Venkatesh Devanur

AgriLife, India

Title: Inducing systemic resistance in plant using Silica solubilising bacter


Venkatesh Devanur is a PhD from Allahabad Agriculture University and undergraduate and post graduate in Agricultural Sciences from UAS, Bangalore. He is the founder and CEO of Agri Life and has an experience of over 30 years in the area of crop nutrition and crop protection. Agri Life manufactures BioPesticides and BioFertilizers and other inputs approved for organic agriculture.


Silica is an essential element in plant nutrition and development. Silica forms the backbone of plants which gives the cells its structure. Agri Life has screened, isolated and tested a particular strain of silica bacteria to impart drought tolerance and stress tolerance to plants. The microbe was cultured to obtain the biomass which was formulated in a suitable carrier. Seed treatment and soil application formulations were developed and tested on plants. Treated plants exhibited even upto 75 days of drought tolerance without water indicative of the microbe's ability of solubilize silica from soil and making it easier for assimilation by plants. Improved silica availability imparts resistance to drought factors which is an economically important factor in the context of water scarcity.