Jose Fontes

Jose Fontes

Fernando Pessoa University

Title: Interpositional bone graft - restoring anatomy


Dr. José Fontes has completed his Dental Degree in Fernando Pessoa University (Porto, Portugal – 2006) followed by the Specialist Degree at I.S.C.S. Norte (Porto, Portugal – 2009)). He is a member of the International Team for Implantology since 2006 and he is been placing implants since then. His practice is mainly surgical (London – U.K.) and his aims are to offer his patients the best quality treatment by restoring not only the function but also the dento-alveolar anatomy as the demands for cosmetic outcomes are increasing.


Missing teeth can easily be replaced with implant supported crowns nowadays. Often however we come to obstacles related with the lack of bone which may compromise the treatment. An interpositional bone graft is a predictable surgery that provides the area with the missing bone in order to achieve the anatomy required for an aesthetic outcome. There are other methods to restore that anatomy; Interpositional grafting however provides a predictable result and this has evidence based results. We will share a case using an interposition block graft with vascularized osteotomy from treatment planning to completion.