Morag Powell Dip

Morag Powell Dip


Title: Is Glycine air abrasion effective in the treatment of peri-implant diseases


Morag Powell has been involved in the UK dental industry for 25 years. She is dually qualified, as a dental hygienist and a dental therapist, whose primary focus is delivering high quality dental care in private practice. She has a special interest in adult periodontics and peri-implantitis. Morag is currently studying for her BSc (Hons) in Dental Studies at University of Central Lancashire, and is an active member of ADI, BSDHT, BSP and BDHF.


Peri-implantitis is an inflammatory process occurring around dental implants. Following a systematic review in 2012,the reported frequency of peri-implant diseases was estimated at 64% for peri-implant mucocitis and 18% for peri-implantitis.This is an area of huge concern for the profession as only 18% of patients’ implants in the review were recorded as healthy. New guidance has been published indicating accepted treatment protocols in both the prevention and treatment of peri-implant diseases, with non-surgical periodontal therapy advised as the initial treatment option prior to referring for surgical therapy. A mini systematic review was conducted looking at the effectiveness of Glycine based powders in the treatment of peri-implant diseases. Literature was collected from databases including Pubmed and Google Scholar with inclusion criteria of glycine, air abrasion and peri-implant diseases. The hierarchy and quality of evidence was appraised with a CASP tool. The results show that Glycine based powders have been proven to be efficient in the treatment of peri-implant diseases in disruption of the sub-gingival biofilm, with the advantage of not altering the titanium surfaces of the implants. The glycine powder has been shown to have greater effect on: the reduction of bleeding on probing around implants; greater patient comfort; gentler on the tissues; and safe. It has been shown to be reliable, time saving, and hasalso shown to reduce numbers of P.gingivalis in the mouth - after full mouth disinfection with the Glycine based powder - compared to SRP alone.