Ardeshir Vahidi

Clinical Emergency Hospital Bucharest, Romania

Title: Lip augmentation with Calcium hydroxylapatite


Ardeshir Vahidi is an associate specialist and consultant in Plastic Surgery at K.G.H / UK. His area of interest is Performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Elective list of facial lifting, mastopexy, mammaplasty, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, Rhynoplasty... etc. Extensive work and experience in experimental microsurgery.


Eyes and lips are two principal elements which play a very important role in expression of women sensualities. Th e arc of Cupid, the magnetic eyes of Cleopatra in the universal literature, and actually Angelina Jolie’s, or Scarlet Johansson’s lips are making subject of beauty and attraction, we call them “informational lines of intense sexual signals”. Knowing about double-reversed curve of Hogarth, french curves, which are usually based on logarithmic or exponential basis, we are determined to take in consideration in the same sense any other kind of artistic lines which are important in the psychology of art, regarding the expression of face in Aesthetic Surgery, see Michelangelo’s collection of studies of perfection. Beginning with idea of “informational lines and forms with intense sexual signals” we are paying a lot of attention to details regarding the lines, contours and forms. One of the most requested, noninvasive, surgical maneuvers in the facial aesthetics is lip contour and volume augmentation. 70 to 80 per cent of women above 40 years old, need frontal and peri-orbicular wrinkle enhancement and correction. More than 50% of this category need lip contour and volume augmentation. As we know there are various cosmetic products which are used in this fi led, permanent and temporary injectable implants, animal protein (Collagen) or synthetic products purely biocompatible. Every one of them represents advantages and disadvantages regarding injection technique or re-absorption time. As much as it is discussed and demonstrated, in surgical experience among so many products the safest one is going to be in the head-list, Hyaluronic Acid, synthetic, fully biocompatible, but also with very short re-absorption time. One of the personal experiences of our team is using “Hydroxil Apatite of Calcium” as injectable implant for contouring and beautifying lip augmentation. Unfortunately it is mostly recommended not to use Hydroxil Apatite of Calcium “Radiesse” in lip augmentation because of some undesired results in spite of its reasonable long term re-absorption and its excellent results in wrinkle correction, comparing Hyaluronic Acid where the rate of failure is mostly impossible if the surgeon is well trained. Our personal technique, studied on more than 50 cases, brings enough arguments for advantages in using of HAC in lip augmentation, without any major complication (some time echimossis) avoiding risk factors in lip enhancement and making Hydroxil Apetite of Calcium a desirable injectable implant with long life term. Conclusion: Because of its solid crystals in composition (CaHA spheres are between 25-45 nicrons)“Radiesse” is one of the most long life term, temporary injectable implant. CaHA is eliminated by Phogocistosys , it is non-toxic, non-antigenic, noncarcinogenic and non-allergic. Using our proposal technique of fi ne needle (30G), deep and lent injection, we can obtain desirable lip contouring and augmentation. Ardeshir Vahidi, J Clin Exp Dermatol Res 2013, 4:5