Alexandra Mora

Alexandra Mora

Health Beauty and Wellness Medical Center

Title: Minimally invasive aesthetic procedures


Dr.Alexandra Mora is an Surgeon and writer emphasizing Otolaryngology Facial Plastic Surgery and Laser Medicine Noninvasive rejuvenation. She is the Scientific Director of "" Center for Health, Beauty and Wellness Facial and Body Rejuvenation of "COEAC", Center for Clinical Otolaryngology and Audiology and "", Centre for Addiction and anxiety control . Pioneer in the comprehensive therapy for cold stress management, weight control and addictions in Colombia laser. Creator of the medical line of skin care "CosMedicals Anti-Aging Formulas". Specialist, Consultant and Member Surgeon Country Clinic with 20 years of experience, excellence, aesthetic innovation and dedication. National and international lecturer on topics ranging Facial Plastic Surgery, Health, Beauty, and the Future of Facial Rejuvenation. Current Treasurer of the Colombian Society of Facial Plastic Surgery and Rhinology. Recognized as one of the "Prestige Medical 2005" by the magazine The Economic Note. Distinguished by the Colombian Society of Facial Plastic Surgery and Rhinology as one of the best surgeons in 2007, 2009, and 2011. Medico International Ambassador and Representative of the University of San Diego (California) UCSD Health System for Colombia. Course Director of "Advances in Facial Surgery" University of FUCS. Author of multiple medical articles, the "Manual for Medical Cosmeceutical" and the book "I Love Myself". Author of the novel "Clouds April" and the novel "Connecting Purg @ ttorio". Languages: English, French and Spanish.


More and more people between the ages of 35 to 55 years-old nowadays will choose a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure over surgery. Their main motivation is downtime and morbility. Cost is also a consideration. As a surgeon I have realized that a lot of the solutions can be better achieved with minimally invasive procedures rather than surgery. In this lecture I want to share with the audience my experience in this field as many patients want to avoid surgery, and also because some patients that come for consultation with the idea of a facial plastic surgery, are recommended by me to better choose a minimally invasive treatment. I call this a “quick face design”, or “facial sculpture”, in which I mix several procedures at the same time. This produces very fast and pleasant results, minimizing risk, downtime, scars and cost.

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