Shulin Li

Shulin Li

MD Anderson Cancer Center USA

Title: Mis-localized protein for circulating tumor cell capture and detection in sarcomas and beyond


Shulin Li received his PhD at Washington State University and did his Postdoctoral studies at MD Anderson Cancer Center. He is a Professor of immune therapy and metastasis diagnosis at MD Anderson Cancer Center. He has published more than 60 peer reviewed papers and co-edited 3 books.


There are numerous approaches for detecting circulating tumor cells (CTC) but none of approach can provide confident call on the malignant identity of the captured cells. In this key note speech, this presenter will show the power of a new class of proteins, which are mis-localized in malignant cells as malignant tumor cell marker for CTC capture/detection. This type of protein such as cell surface vimentin could serve as a universal marker for CTC capture or validation of malignant identity of the captured cells using other methods.