Debora Dummer Meira

Debora Dummer Meira

Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil

Title: Molecular targeted immunotherapy of cancer: The future of drug innovation


Debora Dummer Meira is Pharmacyst specialized in Biochemistry, Master’s Pharmaceutical Sciences and PhD in Biosciences/Molecular Oncology at Brazilian National Cancer Institute. She has studied tumor molecular biology and therapeutics for more than 15 years and has authored several peer-reviewed reports. She is a member of the Scientifi c Brazilian Pharmaceutical Society in Oncology and President of Espirito Santo section. She also has experience in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Targeted therapies in Oncology, Cancer Immunology & immunotherapy and Cancer Chemoprevention. Currently, is she is Professor and Researcher at Federal University of Espírito Santo looking for agents to reverse, suppress and prevent carcinogenic progression and New Drugs in Cancer Immunotherapy.


This lecture will focus on a variety of topics related to tumour immunology & immunotherapy for clinical evaluation of candidate therapeutics for treating several types of tumors, and will include discussion of: Hallmarks of Cancer: Applications to cancer medicine; Targeted therapies in medical oncology: successes, failures and next steps; Infl ammation in the genesis and perpetuation of cancer; Linking stress system activity and immunity dysregulation to cancer development and progression: infl ammation in the genesis and perpetuation of cancer; Prognostic value and rationale of immunotherapy development; Antibody therapy of cancer/Immunotherapy: combination and dosing schedule are key; Identifi cation of therapeutic targets for Immunomodulation and Cancer chemoprevention. In addition to these subjects, attendees of this lecture will be familiarized with the need for rigorous and stringent testing of candidate immunotherapeutics, so that only the most promising therapies are advanced to clinical trial evaluation of effi cacy when treating patients in the era of Translational Oncology, from the bench to the bedside.