Jessy Deshane

Jessy Deshane

Division of Pulmonary Allergy and Critical Care Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Title: Myeloid-Derived Regulatory Cells and Immune regulation in Asthma


Dr. Deshane is a pulmonary immunologist with expertise in immune regulation in asthma. She investigates Myeloid-Derived Regulatory Cell biology and free radical mechanisms that regulate their differentiation and function. She pioneered these investigations both in mouse models and human asthma. Dr. Deshane has authored 46 peer-reviewed publications, including high impact journals like Journal of Experimental Medicine, Journal of Clinical Investigations, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Immunity and Cancer Research. She serves on the editorial boards for the journals Allergy and American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology and serves on grant review committees. Dr. Deshane is a Parker B Francis Fellow and funded by FAMRI and NIH.


This lecture will address the expanding role for macrophages and their plasticity highlighting their potent inflammatory and immunoregulatory activities in chronic lung diseases, specifically asthma. The intriguing role played by environmental exposures that regulate their plasticity, both in differentiation and function of these immature myeloid cells will be discussed. Important insights will be shared regarding how proportions and functions of subsets of regulatory myeloid cells can discriminate asthma from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In addition, this lecture will discuss new paradigms on pathogenesis of asthma based on a major role for myeloid-derived regulatory cells as regulators of balance between immune tolerance and inflammation by eliciting a pathologic immune/inflammatory response that represents a novel form of autoimmunity.