Kalyani Gopal

Kalyani Gopal

American Psychological Association, USA

Title: Neuro developmental disorders in concordance with displacement trauma in foster children and adoptees


Kalyani Gopal is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years of clinical experience in assessment and treatment of individuals with developmental disabilities, trauma, and severe mental illness. She is the Illinois Psychological Association Council Representative for the Severely Mentally Ill, current and past President of Div. 12-IV (Clinical Psychology of Women), American Psychological Association, and on the Lake County Child Protection and Child Fatality Teams. She received the Lake County Award for Outstanding Service to the Community in 2002. She consults extensively on issues related to special needs, is an international speaker on trauma, special needs diagnosis and treatment. She is the author of the bestseller, “The Supportive Foster Parent”, and recently published, “Foster Parenting Step-by-Step: How to Nurture the Traumatized Child.” She is an international speaker/Trainer on Adoption, Foster Care, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Attachment Disorders and coined the term Displacement Trauma


In this brain-based presentation, we will be discussing the cutting edge research on neurodevelopment of infants and children with attachment disorders as it pertains to foster children and to adoptees. The goals are to highlight the advances in effective evidence-based disorders that can develop such as RAD, PTSD, Autistic-like symptoms, ADHD-like symptoms, FASD, Drug related disorders and ability to handle the DISPLACEMENT TRAUMA that occurs as a result of separation and placement in foster care of adoption.

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