Kathy Sexton-Radek

Kathy Sexton-Radek

Elmhurst College, USA

Title: Neurobehavioral case study: The sleepy brain


Received Doctorate of Philosphy in Clinical Psychology from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1988. Completed Behavioral Medicine Internship at Rush Medical University in Chicago (1987-1988, APA Accredited). Private practice work in Primary care Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine for last 24 years. Publications in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and National level presentations in areas of Sleep disorders, sleep quality, assessment and treatment of depression and anxiety disorders.


A case study will be presented of an adult male initially presenting with symptoms of excessive daytime sleepiness, dry mouth upon waking, and headache upon waking and family member complaints of loud snoring. Assessments measures identified some factors of psychological stress, dysphonic mood, low energy and drive, poor attention and concentration, limited facility with working memory. Following the assessment the patient was scheduled for a follow-up all night study and recommended to begin CPAP treatment. The assessment was repeated at the one month and six month intervals following the start of this treatment. The compliance rates, automatically computed from the CPAP machine were documented with each visit. Four weeks of CBTi for insomnia secondary to the onset of a reaction to sleeping with the CPAP machine was conducted with pre and post sleep log data collections. All data will be presented describing the change in mood, cognitive abilities and sleep quality.

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