Ema Kantorova

Ema Kantorova

Comenius University, Slovakia

Title: Obesity and brain - Is obesity an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system?


Ema Kantorova M.D., Ph.D. is the assistant Professor of Neurology Clinic, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Martin, Slovakia. She has published more than 25 papers in reputed journals.


The central nervous system, dominantly hypothalamus, plays important role in controlling energy homeostasis of the organism. Recent studies reported inflammatory links between obesity and many other disorders. Hypothalamic inflammatory pathways activation is suspected to be initial impulse to trigger metabolic dysfunction of an organism. How inflammatory signals in some cases generate negative energy balance, while in other cases generate positive energy balance and weight gain is not fully known. Is it high-fat diet and lipid infusions which are responsible for activation of hypothalamic inflammation, or is there a primary failure of innate immunity resulting in hypothalamic inflammatory processes? Adipokines levels reflect intesity of brain inflammatory processes. In our presentation, we will offer new insights into this problem.

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