Barbara Ann M. Messina

Barbara Ann M. Messina

Long Island University, USA

Title: Opening the doors to the operating room: Part II a longitudinal study


Barbara Ann M. Messina completed her PhD at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY. Dr. Messina has developed, instituted, published and presented on several innovative undergraduate baccalaureate degree clinical practicums. Dr. Messina is an Associate Professor at Long Island University/Post in School of Health Professions and Nursing. Additionally, Dr. Messina serves as a reviewer for the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and is an Active member of multiple Professional Organizations including the American Nurses Association, the National League of Nursing and the Association of Higher Education.


Current nursing shortages (Buerhas, Staiger, & Auerbach, 2009) and unsuccessful nursing orientation programs have been a major concern for the past decade because they result in high financial costs to the organization, decreased job satisfaction and poor retention of nurses all of which can impact the quality of patient care (Willemsen-McBride, 2010). Retention in the specialty areas such as the operating room (OR) is particularly vulnerable due to the stressful working environment in this specialty. It has been estimated that approximately 35% to 65% of new nurse graduates will leave their work place within the first year of employment, lending to the 55% nursing turnover rate (Willemsen-McBride, 2010). Approximately only 4 percent of all RNs pursue a career in the OR and within the next 5 years about 20 percent of all RNs in the OR are expected to retire (Girard, 2004). Thus, establishing successful recruitment and retention strategies of new nurses to the OR is paramount.
The purpose of this study was to:
• recruit graduating basic baccalaureate degree nursing students to the OR and
• decrease the attrition of new graduate hires to the OR environment.
Utilizing Knowles theory (Knowles, 1968; Knowles, 1980) a peri-operative clinical experience was developed in accordance with the AORN guidelines for peri-operative orientation for new nurses (AORN, 2012). Eight years after the institution of this study project an 82% retention rate has been maintained.

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