Nikhil Dileep Narkar

Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India

Title: Pollen studies in Heliconia (Heliconia spp.)


Nikhil Dileep Narkar working in Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India.He has many research paper published in national and international journals publication sites.Major area of research is floriculture.Recently he has published a paper "Fertiliser Best Management Practices in Floriculture" in Indian Journal of Fertilisers.


Heliconia is one of the most important cut flower and landscape plants due to their variation in growth habit and flower characters combined with easy cultivation practices. Knowledge of floral biology is essential for crop improvement programmes in any crop plant. Pollen is one of the most useful characters for identifying and classifying members of the genus. Pollen studies were conducted in 30 Heliconia species and cultivars. Highest fertility percentage was recorded in Heliconia psittacorum cv. Lena (100%) compare to all other cultivars and interspecific hybrids showing lower pollen fertility. Shapes of pollen were different from cultivar to cultivars, even in the same species. This indicates that selection of suitable cultivars by considering their compatibility and fertility characteristics to utilize for further breeding programmes.